Editor’s Blog: Hobby Loses 2 Good Men; a Video Visit to Burdick Football Collection

The hobby has lost two long-time collectors in recent days.

Ed Budnick

Ed Budnick

Ed Budnick, a long-time collector and dealer from Michigan, passed away Saturday at age 82.

Ed helped organize major shows in the region many years ago and was a regular behind the dealer tables. He also advertised in hobby publications. A family man, Budnick was married to his wife Delores for 60 years.

You can read his obituary here.

Frank Ceresi

Frank Ceresi

Frank Ceresi, a knowledgeable collector who became a consultant to auction houses and museums focused on sports memorabilia, passed away Tuesday after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Frank was an attorney but baseball was his passion. He wrote numerous articles on past players and most recently helped develop The National Pastime Museum, a non-profit online venture which showcases historical baseball artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia, and features articles by baseball historians.

The National Pastime Museum remains a Sports Collectors Daily sponsor and we are grateful Frank and his staff chose our pages to showcase their online museum.

Unfortunately, I never got to meet either man in person but from online postings by those who did, it’s clear they will be missed.


Last week, we wrote about Jefferson Burdick’s collection of football cards which is going on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York beginning January 24.

Like Burdick’s phenomenal baseball card collection, the football cards are mounted in books, a testament to an era when the ‘value’ of a certain card wasn’t the first thing that came into a collector’s mind, but organization and cataloging did.

USA Today stopped by to get a preview from curator Freyda Spira: