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O-Pee-Chee Baseball Earns Due Respect

1973 OPC Rookie Card

Produced in smaller quantities and sold to a smaller audience, vintage O-Pee-Chee baseball cards are gaining respect and have even become one American dealer’s focus.

Heritage Minors to Return in September

Albert Almora Clubhouse Collection Relic auto

A look ahead to the prospect-throwback hybrid set as 2014 Topps Heritage Minors awaits a late season call up.

1967 Topps Yaz Captures a Memorable Year

1967 Topps Carl Yastrzemski

Replacing Ted Williams was a tall task but within six years, Carl Yastrzemski was carving his own legacy and the Red Sox were having an (almost) dream season.

1975 Topps George Brett Holds Secure Place Among Post-War Best

Brett RC

The George Brett rookie card–all three versions–remains a hot commodity among collectors of a certain age.

1967 Topps Brooks Robinson Still a Challenging Collector Favorite

Brooks Robinson 1967 Topps

It was once thought to be extremely scarce and while that’s not quite true, the 1967 Topps Brooks Robinson is still one of the decades’ most popular cards.

Topps All-Rookie Team Arrived in 1960; Boasts Hits and Misses

1960 Topps Bob Allison

A subset, which began more than 50 years ago and has continued to this very day is the Topps ‘All-Star Rookie Team’.  The company makes its selections after the season and those players are usually noted with a little trophy on the front of their card the following year. While there are some quirks along […]

Memory Lane Salutes the 1960’s and 70’s: High Grade Cards Set for Auction

PSA 10 Mike Schmidt rookie card

The best of the best come to the forefront this week as Memory Lane opens its 2014 Spring Catalog Auction with a heavy selection of minty gems from the post-War era, vintage unopened boxes, a high grade Mantle rookie and more.

Graded Babe Ruth Cards You Can Own Without Going Broke

1921 Schapira Bros. Babe Ruth

When it comes to original Babe Ruth graded cards, not everything costs a fortune.

2014 Topps Finest Football Preview

Clowney auto relic

Preliminary information is out for 2014 Topps Finest Football which will hit store shelves just after the new season kicks off.

Moe Berg: The Spy and His Baseball Cards

1939 Play Ball Moe Berg

An international man of mystery? Austin Powers was nothing compared to Moe Berg who made his mark before, during and after World War II.

2014 Topps Spring Fever Gallery and Checklist


The promotion shifted to hobby shops but now that the 2014 Topps Spring Fever cards are out, we’ve got a checklist and a chance to win an entire set.

It’s a Deal: Group of Rare, Valuable Vintage Cards Will Head to Market

Cy Young cabinet Sporting Life

Dozens of rare baseball cards will come on the market beginning next month after a Florida collector sells off his stash.

Masked Men Return in Between the Pipes Issue from ITG


In The Game’s 2013-14 Between the Pipes packs a near set, plus autographs and memorabilia cards in each box.

Jackie Robinson Baseball Cards: A Guide to His Best

Jackie Robinson Bond Bread Rookie Card 1947

With the new movie “42″ released nationwide this weekend, it’s possible Jackie Robinson baseball cards could see increased interest. We sort through the rookie cards and other vintage issues of all shapes and sizes.

Authenticating Old Judges, Four Base Hits, Kalamazoo Bats and Other 19th Century Cards

1880s Old Judge Cards

Don’t buy until you know: A guide to authenticating and counterfeit-detecting popular 19th century baseball cards.

Pitcher Who Surrendered Hank’s 715th Had Other Dates With History

1962 Topps Al Downing rookie

Fate can be a little bit unkind to many players. Sometimes we remember a player more for one bad moment in their career rather than a nice career spread out over more than a decade. A typical player remembered that way is Bill Buckner who had the misfortune of not handling what appeared to be […]

2014 Topps Museum Box Break/Review

Primary  Pieces

Rich K has your 2014 Topps Museum Baseball box break and review. It’s not ultra high end but pricey enough that you’ll cross your fingers.

After 2013 Success, Topps MLS Returns

2014 MLS box

Last year’s product got hot in the secondary market and after his 2014 Topps MLS box break, Rich Klein says a repeat performance isn’t out of the question.

Rich’s Ramblings: Fun With O-Pee-Chee Baseball

Gil Hodges 1972 OPC

Rich Klein looks back at Canadian baseball cards from O-Pee-Chee and why some Topps cards might just have ties there.

From Open Flies to Dead Guys, Topps Not Kind to 1966 Cubs

1966 Topps Don Landrum button fly variation

From the ‘open fly’ Don Landrum variations to a deceased player’s photo on one of their best pitcher’s cards, Cubs fans had to be shaking their heads.