Baseball Card Exchange

2015-16 Totally Certified Basketball Going International

Due out in a couple of months, 2015-16 Panini Certified Basketball will be “limited” in the States for the first time.

New Canada Post Goalie Stamps Include Random Autographs, More

Canada is honoring some of its greatest goalies with a new line of stamps that includes first day covers and oversized variations packed in foil like cards.

Kershaw Rookie, Autograph Cards Continue Steady Rise

A real-time list of the hottest Clayton Kershaw baseball cards after yet another historic season.

15 Solid Football Card Investments

Love vintage pigskin? It may be undervalued. Here’s a look at 15 of the best football cards to invest in if you’re looking to get in the game.

8 Ways Card Collecting and Numismatics Intersect

You might be surprised to learn how many ways collecting sports cards coins intersect or overlap.

Judge Grants Sentencing Delay for 2 Former Mastro Execs

Attorneys for Doug Allen and Mark Theotikos say they need more time to contest prosecutors’ loss calculations in shill bidding that occurred from 2002-2009.

Julio Jones Cards Ready to Rise?

A record-setting start could mean Julio Jones football cards are ready to break out. We’ve got the ‘most watched’ list.

Aaron Rodgers Cards Continue Growth

They remain among the NFL gold standard and competition for Aaron Rodgers cards is strong as he continues a Hall of Fame type career.

Mile High to Offer NM/MT Early Mantle Cards

High-grade early Mickey Mantle cards including a PSA 8 1952 Topps join hundreds of other items in Mile High Card Company’s new auction.

Autographed Stephen Curry Memorabilia Now a Fanatics Exclusive

An exclusive arrangement with the NBA MVP has put autographed Stephen Curry memorabilia on Fanatics’ websites.

Summer Swoon Sinks ThePit Baseball 25 Index

The latest update in an ongoing series of snapshots of the current baseball card market is here as The Pit compiles its top 25 and the total market index.

Hockey Cards at Tim Hortons: Upper Deck Makes Set for Coffee Chain

Upper Deck has partnered with Tim Hortons for a hockey card and contest promotion that will put three-card packs next to the coffee and donuts and offer big -time prizes.

Your Chance to Decide Topps Card #1

Topps is giving collectors the chance to decide who gets the honor of being card #1 in the 2016 baseball set.

10 Ways to Make More Money with eBay Listings

10 tips for making more money selling your sports collectibles–or anything else–during eBay’s current listing special.

Hottest Mike Trout Cards on eBay

An All-Star MVP at 22? That’s rare air. We’ve got a live look at the hottest Mike Trout cards on the open market right now.

Your Unwanted Sports Cards Can Help Inner City Kids

A music teacher at a Florida school uses sports cards as an incentive for students to work hard and display good citizenship.

Big Set, Big Price: Topps Creates 5×7 Set Numbered to 10

Topps has created a 5×7 version of its 2015 baseball set…but they’re not making many.

Football Hall of Fame Brings Canton to the Masses

Memorabilia, multi-media experiences and even some ‘Gold Jacket’ players will be part of a traveling exhibition this fall and winter.

Topps to Release Ultra-High End Football Product

Make way for a new ultra-high end release this winter when 2015 Topps Definitive Football lands with six autographs per box.

Long-Running PA Shop Selling Out

Having opened in the 1980s and actively involved in the hobby for about 40 years, Bill Shaffer says it’s time to give up his store.