Bonds’ Final Home Run Ball Sold

Projections of $1 million turned out to be overly optimistic when the ball that could represent Barry Bonds’ final home run was sold Saturday afternoon.

What could be the last Barry Bonds home run ball sold for $376,612 on Saturday.

SCP Auctions, which also sold the baseballs Bonds hit last year to tie and break Hank Aaron’s career record of 755, conducted the online and telephone auction. The winning bidder has chosen to remain anonymous as of now.

13 bids were made on the baseball that was caught by Jameson Sutton last Sept. 5 at Coors Field in Denver, but only two on the final day of bidding. Friday night, the ball stood at $259, 375.

Home run ball No. 762 could be a bargain considering #756 fetched $752,467. According to Sports Collectors Daily research, the ball ranks sixth on the all-time list of known prices paid for milestone home run balls. The ball Bonds hit to set the single-season record of 73 brought $517,500 several years ago.

"I was hoping that it would be higher than that," SCP Auctions President David Kohler told the Associated Press after the auction closed Saturday. "If Barry Bonds never plays again, whoever bought this ball has a valuable piece that’s worth seven figures." SCP had projected the ball could reach seven figures.

The question of Bonds playing again may have affected the price. While he is not currently on a big league roster, it’s not out of the question he could sign a free agent contract during the season.

"I think that some people thought he could come back and might have backed off," Kohler said. "But someone ended up with a nice heirloom."

After catching the ball and learning it would likely be Bonds’ last career home run Sutton kept the ball in a safe deposit box before deciding to consign it.

“I am happy with my decision to sell the 762 ball and wish the new owner the best,” Sutton said. “I’m especially proud to help my family pay some of the medical costs due to my father’s illness and thank SCP Auctions for all their help.”

Sutton is using half of the proceeds from the sale to help defray medical expenses of his stepfather, David Arguijo, who died Wednesday of lung cancer.

Selling Prices of Other Milestone Home Run Balls
Mark McGwire 70th of season $3 million 1999
Babe Ruth 1933 1st All Star game HR $805,000 2006
Barry Bonds 756th $752,467 2007
Hank Aaron 755th (final) $650,000 1999
Barry Bonds 73rd of season $517,500 2001
Eddie Murray 500th $280,000 1996
Barry Bonds 715th $220,100 2006
Barry Bonds 755th $186,750 2007
Sammy Sosa 66th of season $150,000 1999
Mickey Mantle 500th $144,000 2007
Babe Ruth 1st HR at Yankee Stadium $126,500 1998
Barry Bonds 700th $102,000 2005
Barry Bonds 70th of season $60,000 2007
Ken Griffey Jr. 500th $0 returned by fan 2004
Frank Thomas 500th $0 returned by fan 2007

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