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2018 Topps Industry Conference: Silver Pack Expansion, NBCD Returns; Sterling Too?

Dozens of hobby shop owners and distributors from around the U.S. and Canada are attending the first ever Topps Industry Conference in Arizona.  

The company tossed out some news items during the day including these nuggets:

*National Baseball Card Day will return August 11. Topps says it will give away 1.2 million packs in MLB stadiums in an effort to “raise awareness to the industry.” Hobby shops will again get free packs to give away as well.

*The Silver Pack promotion is being expanded to include Topps Update this year. Collectors who buy one hobby box will receive one of the exclusive Silver Packs while those who buy jumbo boxes will get two.

*Topps Holiday packs will also return to hobby shops this year with the promotion set to launch in November. Topps is promising to make more packs available for giveaways in stores this year.

*Bowman Sterling, which disappeared as a standalone brand after 2014, is returning as an insert in Bowman baseball products this season. Public reaction will help determine whether it is resurrected as a separate release.

*Shohei Ohtani will have Bowman Chrome rookie cards later this year.  He’ll be featured on his second card as a hitter when the product arrives this summer.

*Topps Chrome baseball will be out on August 1 with two autographs per box and–something new this year–Dual Rookie Autos.

*Congrats to the man behind our ever-popular “What’s Hot in the Shop” feature, Mike Fruitman of Mike’s Stadium Sportscards in Aurora, CO for winning the Topps Customer of the Year award.