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T206 Insider Website Launches

One of the hobby’s most devoted scholars of the T206 baseball card set has created a new research portal, universal set registry and marketplace for the most popular pre-War set.

Scot Reader’s T206 Insider offers a variety of tools aimed at helping readers understand the true scarcity and value of certain cards in the set and register graded cards in one place, even if cards in your set have been authenticated by multiple companies.

Reader began researching ‘The Monster’ in 2004 and wrote a book entitled “Inside T206 A Collector’s Guide to the Classic Baseball Card Set” (download it free below this story).

One tool Reader is hoping collectors will utilize offers what he calls “dynamic checklists” which he hopes will allow collectors to reach their T206 set goals in an intuitive fashion.  You can use the sites’s widgets to filter and sort based on criteria of interest to you such as player name, team, print group, Hall of Fame status, scarcity rank (computed using a proprietary ranking methodology) and price multiplier. By combining different filters and sorting criteria, collectors can create a virtually limitless number of checklists that can provide fresh insights when attempting to add cards to their sets.

Other features include:

Registration and membership is free but Reader says a small annual fee will be charged beginning next year for those who want to continue using the Registry and Marketplace. Other site features will continue to be free of charge.

Inside T206 book download

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