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PSA Ticket Facts Launches with Info, Photos of Super Bowl Ducats

PSA has launched the latest component of its online reference service for collectors, this one aimed at sporting event tickets and stubs.  PSA TicketFacts will be the fourth part of PSA CollectibleFacts for collectors and dealers, which began two years ago.

The first section of the new PSA TicketFacts that is now online at offers historical information including summaries of high profile games, a price guide and images of Super Bowl tickets dating back to the first game in 1967 (a full unused ticket from that game is shown at left.  Note the seat price of $12).

“Super Bowl tickets are probably the most popular theme in the hobby of ticket collecting,” explained company president Joe Orlando.

“While there are some definite rarities in the series, it is possible to complete an entire Super Bowl run from beginning to end.  We thought it would be appropriate at this time of the year to roll out the sports ticket section of PSA CollectibleFacts with an initial focus on Super Bowl tickets.  In the coming year we’ll be adding much more information about historic and collectible tickets for many kinds of sports events,” said Orlando.

The tickets section of PSA CollectibleFacts will be categorized by sport, such as baseball, football, basketball, soccer and golf, and by particular event, such as World Series, All-Star game, Super Bowl and Masters Tournament.

In addition to the new tickets section, PSA CollectibleFacts offers PSA CardFacts, ProBatFacts and AutographFacts.

“We’ve literally added thousands of images in the past year, and the feedback we’ve received from collectors and dealers about PSA CollectibleFacts has been great.  People enjoy it because it brings together all the popular areas of our websites: prices guides, historical information and clear, sharp images,” said Orlando.  “The website continues to evolve and grow.”

To see the PSA graded Super Bowl tickets and stubs currently listed on eBay, click here.