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20 Hottest Kevin Durant Cards

Having been drafted to a city that hasn’t been on the NBA map for several years, it seems like he’s been around forever but the truth is, he’s still in his prime, likely with plenty of good seasons in the tank. With MVP awards and team success continuing, his cards are on fire.  When you go in search of the hottest Kevin Durant cards on eBay, sometimes you’ll find those beyond his rookie season. 

As a basketball player first achieves greatness, particularly when he wins the coveted MVP award, his stock climbs proportionally to his projections. While Durant’s popularity has lagged behind Steph Curry and LeBron James (not to mention teammate Russell Westbrook) over the last couple of years, he’s on a projected path to one day be enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

It seems like a long time ago, but Durant was actually drafted by the Seattle Supersonics in 2007 and his early cards picture him in either a Sonics uniform or his Texas Longhorns college duds.  On his Upper Deck Heroes autographed card (# to 5), he looks like a teenager.

Durant led the league with 32 points per contest during the 2013-14 regular season. He was one of the most durable players during the season playing in 81 games.

His Upper Deck Exquisite, Black and SP patch/autograph cards from that 2007-08 rookie season typically do best in the market, but there are hundreds of early Durant cards that aren’t quite so pricey and could still prove to be a worthy investment over the long haul or just a nice addition to a collection of NBA greats. Look for cards numbered to less than 300 if you’re wanting to invest at the higher levels.   Unsigned Topps Finest and Triple Threads low numbered cards also fetch solid prices in the market.

More recent, low serial numbered cards from pricey products like Immaculate and Flawless often attract a crowd of bidders who’ve hung with Durant through the ups and downs.

The Oklahoma City Thunder have been consistently in the Western Conference Finals the past few seasons so perhaps it is only a matter of time. That’s another reason to dig in to Durant’s basketball cards now. Winning an NBA title, especially in upstart fashion, could put him on an entirely new level if he performs well.

It would be nice if his autograph had a little more flair and was more legible, but there are certainly worse signatures on the market and so far, collectors seem OK as long as the card itself is attractive and the autograph is certified.

Check out the hottest Kevin Durant  cards on eBay right now by clicking through the live list below.

2018-19 Crown Royale KEVIN DURANT Silhouette Prime Patch On AUTO #01/10 1/1!
19 bids - Price: $390.00 - Watchers: 81
Item #254169413169
2017-18 Immaculate Kobe Bryant & Kevin Durant Autograph AUTO 01/25 FIRST
16 bids - Price: $173.50 - Watchers: 72
Item #132995594181
Kevin Durant 2007-08 UD Exquisite Number Pieces Dual RPA RC Patch AUTO 15/35
28 bids - Price: $76.00 - Watchers: 49
Item #372632463261
2017-18 Panini Flawless Kevin Durant Patch Autograph Auto Silver /25 Warriors
27 bids - Price: $78.00 - Watchers: 43
Item #113691050872
2007-08 Topps Chrome Kevin Durant Rookie RC #131 PSA 10 GEM MINT
22 bids - Price: $241.50 - Watchers: 38
Item #143176489937
2017-18 Flawless Kevin Durant (Warriors) gold certified auto #9/10
16 bids - Price: $89.00 - Watchers: 38
Item #173841571076
KEVIN DURANT 2018-19 Impeccable Gold Stainless Stars Auto Autograph Steel #2/10
35 bids - Price: $43.00 - Watchers: 34
Item #163605960225
2007-08 Bowman Gold Kevin Durant Rookie RC /99
7 bids - Price: $18.50 - Watchers: 32
Item #283421255720
Kevin Durant 2007-08 Bowman Chrome Black Refractor Rookie RC /199 BGS 9.5 Sonics
25 bids - Price: $1,027.00 - Watchers: 32
Item #312531596243
2007-08 UD SPX Endorsements Auto Kevin Durant SP Rookie RC PSA 10 GEM MINT
19 bids - Price: $405.00 - Watchers: 28
Item #143176492702
2018-19 Flawless Collegiate Emerald Kevin Durant 2 COLOR PATCH AUTO 1/5 SEALED
8 bids - Price: $51.00 - Watchers: 26
Item #132994417528
2016-17 Panini Revolution Showstoppers Galactic Kevin Durant Warriors SP BGS 9.5
20 bids - Price: $383.00 - Watchers: 26
Item #382851057117
Kevin Durant AUTO Revolution ON CARD Signature Encased Golden State Warriors #4
19 bids - Price: $79.00 - Watchers: 25
Item #113685033268
Kobe Bryant Kevin Durant 2015 Panini Limited Dual Auto #d 2/5!
11 bids - Price: $92.00 - Watchers: 25
Item #113691101436
#304/399 Kevin Durant 2007-08 NBA Hot Prospects RPA Rookie Patch Autograph #123
25 bids - Price: $100.00 - Watchers: 24
Item #382838247017
KEVIN DURANT 2018-19 Panini Cornerstones DOWNTOWN RARE
6 bids - Price: $33.00 - Watchers: 23
Item #273771183478
2018 Panini Kaboom GS Warriors Kevin Durant # K-KD SP
10 bids - Price: $22.50 - Watchers: 21
Item #123696596918
6 bids - Price: $122.50 - Watchers: 20
Item #163607700113
2017-18 Panini Flawless Kevin Durant Premium Ink 2/25 Auto On Card Encased
21 bids - Price: $43.00 - Watchers: 20
Item #173834983435
2018-19 Panini Impeccable Kevin Durant Warriors 1/2 Troy Ounce 14K GOLD 3/10
14 bids - Price: $173.50 - Watchers: 20
Item #362592855882