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Cheap Russell Westbrook Rookie Cards

The end result was a loss and a 3-1 deficit in their Western Conference playoff series, but it was another day; another triple-double milestone for the NBA’s biggest talent.  Russell Westbrook’s third straight in a single playoff series (he had it by halftime) matched Wilt Chamberlain’s record.  He’d already become the first player since Oscar Robertson to average a triple-double, something few thought would ever be duplicated.

“I always felt that maybe Michael Jordan was one of those unbelievably gifted athletes,” said Hall of Famer Jerry West of Westbrook. “But we’re looking at a reincarnation of Michael Jordan who might be a little bit better in terms of athletic ability.”

You can spend a lot of money for one of those serial-numbered autograph cards from his rookie season.  If your budget is more Pontiac than Porsche, though, there are some cheap Russell Westbrook rookie cards from NBA licensed products you can feel good about owning.  

2008-09 Fleer Russell Westbrook

Upper Deck had bought the Fleer name a few years earlier and created a basic basketball card set that included a couple of Westbrook cards.  #204 is the standard issue while #237 pictures him with Kevin Love and Gilbert Arenas in a sort of throwback ode to the 1980-81 Topps set.  You can own both for just a few bucks.

SP Authentic Destination Stardom Russell Westbrook #DS4

This was from a subset featuring the NBA’s young stars of the future.  It’s a nice-looking card that, unlike others from that first season, pictures him in his Oklahoma City Thunder uniform.  Another card from the days when Upper Deck still had an NBA license, this one is plentiful–and cheap.

2008-09 Topps Russell Westbrook Variation #199

The standard Westbrook Topps rookie card used to be very inexpensive (now many have been graded) but the 1958 baseball design variation hasn’t caught on much.  It pictures him in his Seattle Supersonics draft day pose, which is another reason to like it. Like all of Westbrook’s rookie cards, these have ticked up a bit but can still be had for under $10 and if you appreciate Topps’ history, it’s a cool card to own.

2008-09 Topps Treasury Russell Westbrook #104

Another card with a photo from the end of the Seattle Supersonics, the Treasury Westbrook rookie card is plentiful.  There’s a Refractor and a sticker autograph version, too, but the base card is sometimes attainable for $15 or less.

2008-09 Topps Murad Russell Westbrook #174 A&B

Red and blue versions, minis and an autograph were all part of the long since abandoned Murad revival.  Topps designed these along the lines of the century-old, college-themed set.  They’re a little artsy and while they didn’t catch on, they are unique–and the non-signed versions are about the price of a fast food lunch.


Upper Deck produced several sets that picture Westbrook in his UCLA uniform back in 2008 including MVP, First Edition and Rookie Standouts.  As for player licensed products, Press Pass’ Westbrook cards are the cheapest of the cheap.