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Hottest LeBron James Rookie Cards on eBay Now

LeBron arrived in the midst of an explosion of autographed jersey cards and multiple manufacturers,  but when you consider the hottest LeBron James rookie cards –it’s sometimes more fun to dig beyond that 2003-04 debut season. When it comes to LeBron, it’s not always his rookie cards that are the most popular with collectors.

Some prefer the dual-signed cards with James and Jordan.  Others like the low print runs of other relic cards.  James’ debut coincided with Upper Deck Exquisite, a brand that created a whole new tier of cards, the likes of which had never really been seen before.  They were limited enough to push prices well out of sight for many.

Demand for Lebron James Cards

Demand for LeBron James cards remains high.  It’s a good time to check the pulse of what collectors and investors are watching on eBay.  Sellers hoping to take advantage of the annual attention LeBron gets in the post-season are likely to do well.  However, there’s a danger in selling too low as the next few years play out and LeBron chases even more hardware.  He may re-write the NBA record book if his body holds up.  Six, seven, eight more years of playing at a high level is not out of the question and more championships are also possible.  Iconic players are almost always the best sports card investments and LeBron certainly fits that category.

Lower Priced LeBron James Rookie Cards

Luckily for those with limited budgets, there is no shortage of LeBron’s rookie cards and if you simply want a few from any portion of his career, there are plenty of low priced options.  Beckett’s database shows over 6,000 different cards created so far.

High-End LeBron Cards

Still, the action is on the higher end.  It’s common for autographed rookie cards numbered to less than 100 to sell for well into five figures.   The same is true for certain 1/1 autographs.  Those with 9.5 or 10 grades consistently draw big bucks.  Like vintage baseball card collectors and Mickey Mantle, the demand for James cards keeps prices strong.  Those who invested early have seen the value of their LeBron James rookie cards grow pretty nicely.

Of course, his autographs, photos and other memorabilia are also strong sellers.

With that in mind, here’s a real-time list of the hottest LeBron James rookie cards right now on eBay.

Hottest LeBron James Rookie Cards on eBay

2013-14 EXQUISITE 03-04 Tribute Patch Autograph LeBron James BGS 9.5/10 AUTO RPA
21 bids - Price: $2,297.00 - Watchers: 100
Item #312169031971
Lebron James 2003-04 UD Black Diamond Rookie 24 Karat Signature Auto RC SP
15 bids - Price: $1,500.00 - Watchers: 65
Item #302780026045
2003-04 Topps NBA Draft Jersey Edition LeBron James Cavaliers RC Rookie
17 bids - Price: $45.00 - Watchers: 51
Item #382496165582
2003 03-04 Topps Chrome Refractor LeBron James PSA 9 Mint RC Rookie Card SP
25 bids - Price: $1,275.00 - Watchers: 49
Item #223028419756
2003-04 Topps Chrome #111 LeBron James Cavaliers RC Rookie PSA 10 CENTERED
21 bids - Price: $940.00 - Watchers: 48
Item #372336830220
100 Basketball Auto Jersey Card Lot - Stephen Curry LeBron James Michael Jordan
18 bids - Price: $265.00 - Watchers: 46
Item #202344936533
LeBron James 2003-04 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card #123
21 bids - Price: $71.00 - Watchers: 42
Item #113076370337
2003 Ultra Gold Medallion #171 LeBron James RC Rookie PSA 10 GEM MINT
16 bids - Price: $202.50 - Watchers: 40
Item #362361811316
2003 Topps Chrome LeBron James ROOKIE RC #111 BGS 8 NM-MT with 9.5 subs
12 bids - Price: $142.50 - Watchers: 39
Item #153063342632
2003-04 Topps Chrome Lebron James rookie RC BGS 9 Mint
24 bids - Price: $260.00 - Watchers: 39
Item #392069600202
2003 Topps Chrome LeBron James ROOKIE RC #111 PSA 9 MINT (PWCC)
28 bids - Price: $227.22 - Watchers: 38
Item #352383520320
21 bids - Price: $598.00 - Watchers: 37
Item #292610586891
2003-04 Fleer E-X #102 LEBRON JAMES Cavaliers RC Rookie PSA 10 Gem Mint-- Rare
10 bids - Price: $611.00 - Watchers: 34
Item #323310291010
2003 Bowman Chrome R & S LeBron James ROOKIE RC #123 PSA 10 GEM MINT (PWCC)
18 bids - Price: $457.00 - Watchers: 33
Item #401554368891
2003 Ultra Gold Medallion Die-Cut LeBron James ROOKIE RC #171 PSA 10 GEM (PWCC)
12 bids - Price: $205.00 - Watchers: 33
Item #352383520457
2012-13 lebron james fleer retro flair legacy row 0 #/100 BGS mojo prizm refract
12 bids - Price: $50.00 - Watchers: 31
Item #163108315458
2003-04 ETopps #43 LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers RC Rookie Uncirculated
8 bids - Price: $36.00 - Watchers: 30
Item #352381549503