Your Collection is Not as Nice as Albert Pujols’

If his recent performance is any indication, Albert Pujols will be adding a lot more baseball memorabilia to his one-of-a-kind collection.

Some players stick their baseball memorabilia and awards in a box and never look at them.

Others don’t have the appreciation for history and pass up chances to get Hall of Famers autographs to keep and then pass down to their kids.

Not Albert Pujols.

The Cardinals’ slugger has plenty of house to display his own awards, his team honors and other bits of Cardiinal baseball history with which he comes in contact.

Pujols is off to a sizzling start, with two more homers on Thursday padding some early MVP-type numbers. He already has one of those trophies and a lot of other collectibles and momentos on display.

Watch the video as Pujols’ wife Dee Dee shows off the collection to a reporter: