Youngster Reaches Out; Maris Family Reaches Back

1961 Topps Roger MarisFor ten-year-olds, 1961 might as well be 1492.  Sometimes, though, modern entertainment can provide the link that makes a connection.

Last year, Jonah Crilly, a young baseball fan from Harlan, Iowa slid a DVD of the movie *61 into the family’s entertainment system and was mesmerized by Roger Maris’ chase of Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record.

Maris became a long-ago hero to Jonah who now regretted being born way too late to have seen the pride of North Dakota in action.

His family suggested there still might be a way to express that appreciation.  Jonah did and the family of the late slugger was flattered by his interest.

It’s a feel good story you can read in the local newspaper.