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Young Texas Collector Hits NFL Jackpot

After a day of card shop hopping with his Dad, John Michael Copple bought what he thought would be an autographed mini-helmet. It turned out a little better than that.

He slowly peeled back the plastic covering of his TRISTAR Hidden Treasures package and reached inside, hoping for a helmet signed by Peyton Manning, his favorite player. What he found was a helmet void of a single signature.

Thinking he had been duped, Copple investigated further and found a small piece of paper inside the helmet. As if cracking open a fortune cookie, he slowly read his fate aloud to Robert.

“It said super treasure and we were just confused,” said Copple, a fifth-grader at Legacy Christian Academy. “I was like, ‘Dad, what does that mean?’”

It meant a new crowned jewel to his memorabilia collection. Copple struck signature gold.

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