Yogi-Jackie Photo: A Gift to the Prez…Maybe

Tom Murro got to meet President Obama when they each visited Farm Neck Golf Club during the chief exec’s vacation last year.

Berra signed photo to President ObamaThis year, the Murros are returning to the island where he maintains a part-time residence.   He’s hoping to fulfill a long-running effort to give Mr. Obama a special piece of baseball memorabilia.

Murro had Yogi Berra sign a photo from the 1955 World Series that shows Jackie Robinson sliding into home.

The photo carries a special inscription from Yogi to the president.

However…“Gifting Obama isn’t easy” said Murro, who doesn’t want to chance damaging the gift—a photograph—by mailing it, and can’t figure out how to get it to the president.

Take a peek at the photo and read more in the Boston Globe.