Yard Sale Find Turns into Gem…Literally

Not everyone in Ohio is ready to burn anything and everything associated with LeBron James.

According to a report by WEWS TV, Vaneisha Robinson, a 20-year-old amateur boxer, paid $5 for a box of miscellaneous items at a local garage sale four years ago. In the bottom of that box was a pendant in the shape of James’ jersey.  It had “King” on one side and “James” on the other.

While it was big and sparkly, Robinson figured it was just costume jewelry.  She wore the pendant through high school, but eventually became curious about what, if anything, it might be worth.

She paid to find out if there was a chance the diamonds were real.  The answer International Gemological Institute gave her was yes.  Set in 14-karat white gold, the piece was valued at significantly more than five bucks.

Robinson, an amateur boxer,  put the pendant up for sale on eBay.  It was listed as Sold by Best Offer Wednesday night.  Click  here to find out what she sold it for.

Watch the story on WEWS below…one taped before the sale.