Yankee Stadium Seats: $1923 a Pair?

The seat sale at Shea Stadium is going well, but what’s up with the parting out plans for the crosstown home of the pinstripers?

Negotiations continue between New York City and the Yankees over the sale of memorabilia from Yankee Stadium once the old ballpark is cleared out after the season.

Now, the New York Times says the city is looking for demolition companies who can tear the place down and still salvage as much sellable memorabilia as possible.

The razing is scheduled to begin next spring and could last a year according to a solicitation form issued by the city’s Economic Development Corporation.

The first order of business to to remove the stadium seats, the white frieze that adorns the wall behind the bleachers and the 120-foot-tall bat-shaped boiler stack outside the main entrance.

Speculation is that Yankee Stadium seats could cost fans and collectors more than twice as much as the Shea Stadium furniture now for sale through the Mets.

That sale is proving very popular. Watch the story from the Associated Press :

Stadium seats for sale on eBay