Yankee Stadium Memorabilia Deal Coming?

The Yankees and the city of New York may be ready to announce a deal that will lead to the sale of seats and other memorabilia from the old Yankee Stadium.

The city of New York and the Yankees have been negotiating a price for the remnants of the team’s former home before the wrecking ball pays a visit.

Reports indicate that a deal may be announced as early as Tuesday in which the Yankees would pay the city $11.5 million for the Stadium’s seats, lockers, ticket booths, foul poles, turnstiles and other potential merchandise.

Steiner Sports, which has a deal with the Yankees to market team memorabilia would handle the sale. Steiner currently distributes game-used and game-worn items, which have always been property of the Yankees.

The New York Daily News reported that the team originally offered $10 million, but the city controller held out for another $1.5 million based on the potential value of the memorabilia.

The Mets and the city reached a deal for Shea Stadium’s contents last year and consummated a sale and auction fairly quickly. Seats from the park were sold for $869. Yankee Stadium seats will command significantly more. It’s not known how many seats would be available for sale and all must undergo testing for lead paint before they can be shipped.