Yankee Retired Numbers Create Issues for Equipment Man

#3? The Babe. #4? Lou Gehrig. #5? Joe DiMaggio. #7? Mickey Mantle. And that’s just the start. Passing out jerseys without digging one out of retirement is why you see a lot of 60s, 70s and 80s on the backs of the Yankees players during spring training.

With 63 players, manager Joe Torre and 21 coaches in camp, there are barely enough numbers to go around. Add in support staff and other uniformed personnel and nearly 100 people are in uniform.

"You feel bad giving somebody No. 85 but there’s not much choice," says equipment manager Rob Cucuzza.

And if you have a 13 year-old #73 game-used Yankee jersey in your closet…you may have a major collector’s item.