X-Rated DiMaggio Photo?

A photograph of a naked Joe DiMaggio hamming it up in the shower as a young ballplayer is generating some controversy. Lelands has the photograph in its current auction, scheduled to close June 24.

However, the x-rated DiMaggio photo “has to be” a fake, according to his long-time attorney Morris Engelberg who claims DiMaggio never would have allowed it to be taken.

Lelands says there’s no question the 8×10 size black and white photo is real. Bidders seem to agree with the high so far at over $1300.

The auction description indicates DiMaggio had to have known the photograph was being shot, but it would appear a little unusual the normally shy star in the making would have stood in front of a camera with no clothes on.

“We are not sure how the photo made it to this point but it is 100% authentic, first generation and vintage,” reads the description. “We are covering Joe’s “Yankee Clipper” not out of our own bashfulness nor his, as we see this as no different that a Botticelli nude or a Robert Mapplethorpe.”

The New York Daily News offers more on one of the more unusual items to hit the auction block this year…and you can see the auction in progress here.