World Series Programs Offer Value, History

You can get them signed. You can store them in a box. But unlike a lot of collectibles, with a World Series program from any year, you get a little slice of baseball history that costs less than an arm and a leg.

Got a 1903 Pittsburgh?

They’re not all cheap.

Try buying a pre-World War II World Series program and you’ll find that out quickly. Pre-World War I? Good luck finding them.

Yet for the most part, the World Series program doesn’t get a ton of respect from collectors or those looking for a great sports memorabilia investment. Maybe it should.

Fewer Series programs exist than a lot of baseball cards from similar eras. And if you’re talking vintage, they’re fascinating to look at. Some of the luster came off in the 1970s, when things got a little homogenized. Luckily, technology has improved and the days of the totally generic World Series program may be gone again.

USA Today paid homage to this century-old rite of October.