Work of Art: 19th Century Anson Finds New Home

Some early baseball cards are true works of miniature art.

One of the more popular and attractive card sets from the 19th century, the 1888 Goodwin Champions set consists of 50 cards–but only 8 baseball players.

The rest of the set consists of everything from bicyclists to Buffalo Bill Cody. The colorful cards were inserted in packages of Old Judge and Gypsy Queen cigarettes. Four of the eight baseball cards are of players who were eventually inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The Cap Anson card is the often most expensive of the group and one such card sold on eBay Wednesday night. An SGC 70 Anson, mistakenly described in the title as an Allen & Ginter issue, drew a high bid of $7350. 20 interested parties bid on the card, which is part of the seller’s fairly impressive display of pre-War cards that he indicates are being sold for the purposed of "starting a business".