Win Prize in Trivia Tuesday Contest: Week #3

It’s time for week #3 of the Trivia Tuesday contest. Each week, we bring you a list of seven questions, the answers to which can all be found somewhere among the stories here on Sports Collectors Daily. Many of the answers are in the archives.

Once you’ve got them, send them to [email protected] From all winning entries, we’ll draw one winner who will receive the weekly prize.

Last week’s winner was Brian Schmid of Kansas. He picks up a Topps factory set courtesy of our sponsor, Blowout Cards.

Blowout will give this week’s winner a 2008-09 UD Collector’s Choice Hockey Box. Here goes:

1. Game Used Universe recently offered a game-used helmet that carried a minimum bid of $25,000. Who did the helmet belong to and which team did he play for when he was wearing it?

2. Babe Ruth’s ‘rookie card’ is generally regarded as one produced when the Babe was a minor league player. For what team did he play when the card was produced and who issued it?

3. Each November, Hunt Auctions conducts a sale in one US city known for a special relationship with baseball. Where is the auction held?

4. There’s a man who creates incredible baseball art crafted from woods such as mahogany. Who is the artist and name two baseball players he has featured.

5. What’s unique about the upcoming auction by Memory Lane Inc?

6. What does the acronym MEARS stand for and where is the company based?

7. Upper Deck recently signed two Yankee pitchers to autograph contracts. Who are they?

Last week’s winning answers:

1. Name the artist whose ‘propaganda posters’ appear in the 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights set. Chris Speakman

2. Who is the 1970s San Diego Padres player pictured posing for the Topps photographer in the story on Fantography that we brought you back in October of this year? Bobby Tolan

3. The estate of Roger Maris recently signed a contract with what sports card company? Upper Deck

4. Which player is pictured on what is generally considered the first football card ever produced? Henry Beecher

5. What Canadian city hosted a big card show back in September and name three of the autograph guests. Edmonton (& your choice)

6. What’s the name of the new autographed baseball holder that debuted at the National Sports Collectors Convention? BallDOME

7. How much did Kobe Bryant’s jersey worn in game 3 of the NBA Finals sell for? $28,060