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Willie Mays Book Signing Draws Wide-Eyed Fans

It doesn’t seem possible, but Willie Mays is pushing 80.  The Sey Hey Kid hasn’t been a kid for a long time now. He hasn’t played in a big league game in 37 years, but he’s back in the news again.  His new book is out and it’s in a lot of fans’ Christmas plans, especially those who watched him in the Bay Area from the late 50s through the early 70s.

Willie Mays bookMays is doing a few book signings, but unlike most authors, the autograph isn’t free with the book purchase.

In fact, it’ll cost you a couple hundred bucks to get Willie’s name written inside.   Apparently, though, the proceeds are going to charity.

The book runs less than $20 and it’s apparently a pretty good read.

Mays appeared at a northern California bookstore recently where wide-eyed fans who’d never witnessed one of his less than pleasant moments at card shows were lining up with cash in hand…and a few were even shedding tears, according to this story in the Press-Democrat.

You can check out a sneak peek of the book here

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