Will Crosby Soar After Pens’ Win?

He didn’t play a huge role in Game 7 after getting decked, but there’s no doubt Sidney Crosby is the guy to get for NHL collectors.

At 22, he was the youngest captain to hoist the Stanley Cup after Pittsburgh beat Detroit in Game 7 of the Finals last Friday. Sidney Crosby has quickly established himself as not just a great player but also a leader for the Penguins.

Crosby’s injury kept him off the ice for most of the second and third periods in the 2-1 clinching win. Yet there is no doubt he’s one of the main reasons why the Pens were able to plan their city-wide celebration this week.

For NHL collectors, a Crosby Stanley Cup just cements his young legacy. His hockey cards, autographs and memorabilia may make a brief spike but before Game 7 last week, a Canadian news outlet in his home province found that most think it won’t have that great of an impact, simply because Sid the Kid is already such a big deal around the world..