Will Baseball Hall of Fame Face Battle for Bonds Memorabilia?

The Hall of Fame is asking, nicely, for Barry Bonds’ record-breaking artifacts. But will Barry oblige or add it to his own ever-growing game-used memorabilia business?

Not everyone is thrilled about Barry Bonds’ pursuit of Hank Aaron, but to the Baseball Hall of Fame, it’s another chapter they have to document.

Officials from Cooperstown met with Bonds a year ago to find out what he might be willing to donate once he breaks Hank Aaron’s home run record. But Bonds isn’t letting anyone know what he might be willing to surrender. It seems the Hall wound up scrambling for items related to the game in which he passed Babe Ruth for second place.

And if you’re wondering about Bonds’ interest in marketing his own memorabilia, the Associated Press reports he’s already doing that.

"I’m not worried about the Hall," he said. "I take care of me."

Bonds did show some heart at a Giants’ charity fundraiser this weekend, though, taking the stage to serve as jersey auctioneer.