Who Are eBay’s Top Sellers of Baseball Autographs?

Selling on eBay doesn’t always mean you’ll actually sell your item.  A lot of factors go into whether there’s a bidder or buyer at the other end of your little cyber offering.  However, a look at eBay’s top sellers of autographed baseball memorabilia over the last 30 days revealed that whatever the formula for success is, these guys have found it.  Combined, they sold over $200,000 worth of material in a 30-day period ending late last week and the vast majority of what they listed was shipped out.

The dealer that sold the most was Mill Creek Sports.  Based in Washington, the company also owns a brick-and-mortar shop and has been in business for 20 years.

Online, Mill Creek offered 571 listings during the time frame, all of which were fixed price lots.  Amazingly, more than 68% of those listings sold at an average price of over $109.  In all, Mill Creek sold $56,938 worth of signed items, most all of which appeared with PSA/DNA authentication.  Their top selling item was a cut photograph autographed by Lou Gehrig that sold for $2,850. Click here for their current listings.

The History of the Game, with the eBay ID ksports1966, didn’t sell nearly as many items but this company specializes in big ticket items.  Their average lot of signed baseball memorabilia brought $379.17, primarily in a fixed price format.  In all, History of the Game sold $43,605 worth of items, topped by a Babe Ruth-Walter Johnson dual signed ball, showing wear, but authenticated by PSA/DNA.  It sold last week for $4,500.  A 1922 Red Sox/Yankees signed ball, including Ruth, and also in lower grade, sold for $4,000. Click here for current listings.

One of eBay’s most prolific sellers of cards is also heavy into signed baseball memorabilia.  Rick Probstein (click here for current listings), sold an amazing 94.66% of items offered for a total of $41,712 worth of sales in the 30-day period.  The average selling price of his items was $87.08 via items listed primarily through straight auctions and store inventory.  Probstein’s highest selling item was a 1953 Time magazine cover signed by Mickey Mantle that sold for $1,683.

In fourth place for total sales, but first place in sell through rate was Canton and Cooper.  The Irvine, Calif. company offers mostly bid auctions.  It sold 88.27% of the items offered at an average price of $72.84 and a total take of $34,525.  They also have a large online store on their website.  A multi-signed perfect game winners baseball went for more than $362 as the highest priced item the company sold on eBay. Click here to see what they’re selling now.

Rounding out the top five was Memphis-based KHW Hall of Fame Gallery (click here for listings), which has a massive inventory of signed items on eBay, so it didn’t matter that just 11.62% of their items sold during the 30-day period we tracked.  Their average price per item was $90.31 for a total of $24,654 in bids.