What’s Hot in the Shop? Collectors Clamoring For More 2013 Topps Museum Collection NFL

Before starting this piece, I wanted to check and see when I ordered 2013 Topps Museum Collection NFL.  It turns out that on 9/3/13 I took a chance and committed to two cases of Museum in spite of just about all releases to that point aside from Bowman producing as well as Tony Romo during the fourth quarter of most December games.

2013 Topps Museum Football Such is the life of your local card store owner.  We look at the history of a release, throw in the popularity of the current year rookie crop, sprinkle a considerable amount of hope into the mix and top it off with how much we are willing to gamble on a release we sometimes won’t see for another five months.

DeSean Jackson 2013 Topps Museum footballAt this point, if I could pull a do-over, I would have stepped up for a third if not a fourth case of Museum Collection.  Sure the MLB offering had surprised many, but when you compare retired MLB player card values with NFL players, there’s a bit to be desired for the football side.

2013 Topps Museum Eddie LacyMuseum is designed to deliver one autograph, relic or autographed relic card in each pack and so far the results appear to be that it is like Panini Absolute on steroids.

Within hours of Museum hitting it was clear that there was an immediate following for the NFL 1/1 shield logo cards, Framed Silver/Gold/Black Ink autographs, Jumbo Nike Swoosh/Reebok Logo Relics, Dual Relic Jumbo Books, 1/1 Laundry Tag Relics, 1/1 NFL Shield Relics, Dual Signature Series cards with 1/1 parallels and loads more.

Montana-Lott dual autographIt wasn’t just the possible hits that drove shredders into shops, but the player selection was deserving of a $50 per pack release.  Who wouldn’t call getting an autograph from players like Joe Montana, Drew Brees, Bo Jackson, Peyton Manning, Eddie Lacy, Troy Aikman, Terrell Davis, Eric Dickerson, Marcus Allen, Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner and more a win?

Our running tab is four cases in the door and four cases out the door with loads more on the way.  That is stark contrast to many other 2013 NFL releases where making a few dollars or even breaking even was an accomplishment. 

From a shop owner’s perspective, it is encouraging to see that in the last few years, Topps has made significant progress with their higher end releases and Museum Collection might be in the running for a Rookie Of The Year release award.

Ed. Note:  There are more Museum Football card on eBay than baseball right now.  Click here to see them.

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