What’s About to Be Hot in the Shop: 2014 Panini Father’s Day

Before I get going on fawning over the 2014 Panini Father’s Day promotion, I wanted to share the loss to the hobby of David Reel, formerly of Topps.  I’ve never taken the time to point out one specific individual from a manufacturer (at least I don’t think that I have), but when I heard last Friday that he would no longer be with Topps, I realized that one of my top 10 people in the industry was leaving.

Topps Company logoDavid was the rare combination of a collector in an executive’s position and if I had a dollar for each time I said “the higher David goes at Topps, the better the industry gets”, then I could afford a case of just about everything but National Treasures.  David, safe travels and may you return to the hobby faster than it took Topps to bring back Topps Tek baseball.

Now we can to our regularly scheduled semi-weekly card related verbiage.

This weekend not only brings us dads not only a day of appreciation, breakfast in bed and hopefully a box or two of cards, it brings us the third installment of my second most popular hobby promotion of the year.  Sure Black Friday is the BMOC of promos, but Father’s Day is right there with all sorts of bonus pack cardboard goodness.

Once again, Panini is clearing out their warehouse and providing some bonus packs of exclusive cards for card shop customers across the country (the list of participating shops is linked below).  Recently, they started sharing some of the early shots of this year’s cards and it will be a safe bet that a good many of these beauties will be hot on the secondary market.

Tools of the Trade Andrew LuckTools of the Trade Johnny ManzielAll memorabilia cards in the set have a base version, a Cracked Ice version (numbered to 25) and a Lava Flow version (numbered to 10).

The 2014 Panini Father’s Day packs will offer the first ever cards of the most recently drafted NFL rookies with their new team’s uniforms.  Even the hats that many of the draftees wore were sacrificed for this set.

These tempting two card bonus packs will be available at my shop beginning at the stroke of 10PM this Saturday night (Midnight EST) and Drexlerwe will go from the thrill of hosting a Trade Night to the father of June hobby happenings.

Collectors can look for singles from MLB, NBA, NFL , NHL and incredibly well timed FIFA World Cup cards as well.

There are 24 base cards and 31 rookie cards in addition to the special subsets and autographed/relic cards.

KobeFDI would be willing to buy an 8-carat purple diamond ring to see one of my collectors snag a Kobe autograph like the one on the right from one of their bonus packs.

Boxes that you should be scouting at your local card store include the following products with the respective amount of bonus packs you can expect to receive after purchasing one:

MLB 2013 Panini Perennial Draft Picks – 5 packs

MLB 2013 Painini America’s Pastime  – 12 packs

NBA 13/14 Hoops Jumbo – 8 packs

NBA 13/14 Prestige – 6 packs

Anthony DavisNBA 13/14 Elite – 8 packs

NBA 13/14 Titanium – 10 packs

NFL 2013 Panini Black – 10 packs

NFL 2013 Crown Royale – 5 packs

Adrian PetersonNFL 2013 Elite – 10 packs

NFL 2013 Prestige – 8 packs

NHL 13/14 Select – 8 packs

NHL 13/14 Crown Royale – 6 packs

NHL 13/14 Titanium – 10 packs

My store is excited to be bringing in about 800 packs and enough cases to choke California Chrome.  Once again come the close of business this Sunday, I think Panini will be showing other promotions who their daddy is.

Insert your own “getting Lucky” joke in case you’re able to pull one of these gems this weekend.

See what Father’s Day singles from past years are bringing on eBay here.

2014 Panini Fathers Day Participating Shop List (.xlsx)

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