What’s Hot on eBay & the Topps Sale

A new resource tool ..and some thoughts on the future of Topps.

We just added a nice little feature to the site you may want to check out. It’s called "What’s Hot on eBay" and if you open the page, you’ll see a few current listings by our sponsor at the top. Below that is a series of listings for various eBay categories that relect the most watched items displayed in real time. They are the sports cards, game-used items and pieces of vintage sports memorabilia that the most people have their eye on. You can open the listings right from the link on our site. It’s a nice snapshot of what collectors like you are interested in. Yes, you could do the same right from the eBay site but it takes a little more work. Because of the amount of information we’re presenting on the page, it may load somewhat slowly–especially if you have a dial-up connection or an older computer.
Never did I think that Topps would be for sale. We’ve had fun covering the back-and-forth between the company’s old guard and the new blood that’s trying to take control. But it’s a little sad if you don’t have a financial stake in the company. Topps was a family-owned company with a singular history that will fade into the background once the company changes hands–whether it’s Michael Eisner or Upper Deck or someone else. It’s not quite the same company it was 20 years ago because it simply had to update to keep up with the aggressive competitors it had to face starting in the early 1990s. And if you saw the proposed selling price, you know it’s no mom-and-pop operation. It’s a big company with big salaries and a corporate infrastructure that rivals any other big-time American business. But it’s going to be a little strange to see someone else in charge. We only hope the new company respects the brand and maybe does a few things to take the products back to the roots of the company. They can start by putting the gum back in every pack.