What’s Hot in the Shop

Delaware Ohio Neuhart Cards-Ed. Note:  This week, we launch a new feature on Sports Collectors Daily called ‘What’s Hot in the Shop’.  Keith Neuhart of Neuhart Cards in Delaware, Ohio will be posting a short piece every week, helping us take the pulse of the hobby.  He’ll tell us  what’s hot and what’s heating up in the retail world of sports cards and sports memorabilia.  Keith traded in his stockbroker uniform after 16 years to follow his dream and open a sports card shop about a year ago.  He’s sold on eBay since shortly after the site launched in the 1990s.

by Keith Neuhart

It is the holiday season, and we are seeing many new customers.  It seems as though we sell a lot of football during this time of year along with quite a few cards and other classic baseball items.

Here are some of the HOT items we are seeing right now:

Certified Football Singles

This is by far the hottest product we have had in stock in a long time.  At less than a $100 price point, collectors love ripping 2011 Leaf Certified Football.  The Rookie patches and autographs sell very well and the retired players are popular in this product.  I have seen some patches of retired, non-Hall of Fame players sell for more than a $100 price tag.

Baseball Hall of Famers

This is the time of year that we sell a ton of autographs of Hall of Fame baseball players.  We are in Central Ohio, but  it seems as though there are Yankees fans everywhere.  Goose, Mickey, and Joe D. always fly off the shelves.

Basketball Singles

We have started seeing a little more interest in basketball cards since the work stoppage finally ended.  Jimmer Fredette looks to be one of the most popular rookies, so we will see if this trend ontinues.  Michael Jordan inserts from the 90’s are super hot and always a tough find.

You can reach Keith through his website, NeuhartCards.com.