What’s Hot in the Shop: Would You Believe…Golf?

by Mike Fruitman

If you asked me whether I would be putting together a piece about Golf cards while the NFL season was enjoying the best sales year since 2006 I might have said that has as much chance as Tiger getting back together with Elin, but here we are.  I mean with SP Authentic, Prizm and Contenders rocking the cash registers at card stores why would link packs be worth a second look?

Game Used Golf SP  boxInteresting side-note story that actually happened – My first (and probably last) experience on a golf course was a few years back at Torrey Pines (yes, the real one, not some miniature golf course that borrowed its name).  Upper Deck brought me and other card store owners and distributors out to work/play for a few days.  After my first three attempts at driving the ball off the tee resulted in two strikes and ~30 yards down the course, I resigned myself to being a beer caddy and somehow capturing on video baseball Hall of Famer Frank Robinson being struck on his watch with an errant drive.  Ok, back to our regular card story…

This week, 2012 Upper Deck SP Game Used Golf returned for the first time since 2003 and collectors are taking note.   My store’s first two cases had no chance of survival and most of my next two cases are spoken for.  Of course for most shredders, it comes down to pulling an autograph of the above mentioned, Sunday red shirt wearing golfer, but there is much more in these packs than simply Tiger.

While singles pricing does not exactly rival the Andrew Luck 2012 Contenders autographed 1/1 Championship Ticket that currently sits at over $41,000 on eBay, there will be some monsters from this release.

Tiger Woods auto SP Game Used golfUpper Deck is using its exclusive autograph relationship with the most famous NBA team owner to give Michael Jordan fans a chance to snag signed cards from his Airness through Upper Deck SP Game Used Golf.

Michael Jordan Inked DriverMJ has a number of different autographs including this gem, a numbered to 5 on a golf club driver head that when it sells could take care of some rounds of golf or some sets of clubs.

On this one, also limited to 5 made, Jordan is looking like he is a Colorado Rockies fan.

Somewhere out there is a Tiger Woods/Michael Jordan auto /5 and it just makes me wish that Upper Deck had reached out to Charles Barkley to immortalize his unique swing within this set.

Yes there are also golfers not named Tiger or former slam dunk champions in this release.  Some of the names on the autograph list that this incredibly casual golf fan recognizes include Arnold Palmer, David Duval, Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sorenstam, Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia, Nancy Lopez, Fred Couples and more (see a big list here).

Checking out secondary prices on these boxes and cases, it looks like other stores are also having strong success with this product and all I can hope is that by the time you read this, all ‘fore’ of my cases will have gone for a good walk (without being spoiled).

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