What’s Hot in the Shop: Tebow is Everywhere

by Keith Neuhart

What an amazing week in the world of sports!

2010 Topps Chrome football Tim TebowTim Tebow and the Denver Broncos defeat the Steelers in overtime. Barry Larkin finally gets his due and is voted into the Hall of Fame. Drew Brees and Matt Stafford go toe to toe.  So what’s hot?

Tim Tebow

This is pretty obvious, but anything related to Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos is on fire!  Here in Central Ohio, it is amazing the draw that Tebow has.  We sell a ton of base rookies, inserts, and autographs.  It is difficult to keep anything in stock.

2010 Football products are also heating up as the playoffs take center stage.  It seems as though Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Dez Bryant have taken a back seat to Tebow, Jimmy Graham, and Rob Gronkowski.

Barry Larkin

Barry was voted into the Hall of Fame on Monday.  His cards and autographs always sell well here but everything took an immediate jump.  There are many Larkin collectors out there, and they are willing to pay for a tough to find piece.

2011 Football

The new releases have started to slow down and the inventory has started to dry up on the 2011 cards.  This week, 2012 Topps Supreme Football is set to release and it is sold out at most distributors and through Topps.  Cam Newton and AJ Green seem to be the hot pulls out of this product.

Keith Neuhart of Neuhart Cards in Delaware, Ohio will be posting a short piece every week, helping us take the pulse of the hobby.  He’ll tell us  what’s hot and what’s heating up in the retail world of sports cards and sports memorabilia.  Keith traded in his stockbroker uniform after 16 years to follow his dream and open a sports card shop about a year ago.  He’s sold on eBay since shortly after the site launched in the 1990s.  You can reach Keith through his website, NeuhartCards.com.