What’s Hot in the Shop: Supreme Football is Ready to Reign Again

by Mike Fruitman

Fortunately for hobby shops and collectors, 2012 NFL products just keep a ‘coming.  I mean seriously, thanks to three quarterbacks that you might have heard about by now, we will all endure another year’s worth of Presidential debates and political advertisements just to have a repeat rookie performance (well I woAndrew Luck 2012 Topps Supreme patch autould at least).

This week’s in the door and out the door offering it 2012 Topps Supreme Football.  I have always been intrigued by Supreme since it arrived in 2010.   In spite of it “only” offering one hit and three additional singles per box, it has developed quite the following and based on the amount of phone calls we received for it before Valentine’s Day, this year’s

Is Adam excited about Supreme football? Yes, he is.

Is Adam excited about Supreme football? Yes, he is.

offering should not last in stores long enough to get any dust on them.  My shipment arrived Thursday and collectors came calling.

If you only used Beckett to determine how well Supreme has delivered since arriving in 2010, you might wonder why anyone would touch this stuff, but savvy shredders are dialed in to appreciate that most of the hits are so low numbered that they do not get put within its pages.

Checking out the checklist, it’s clear that short of hijacking the entire print run, nobody is going to be making a master set of this anytime soon.  There are enough parallels to five, one of ones and printing plates to choke a herd of Denver Broncos.  Between the booklets, 3 player, 4 player, 6 player and 8 player autographed cards, it is no wonder that my shop’s phone has resembled your local rock station on concert ticket giveaway day.

2011 Topps Supreme 8-piece relicAs if that was not enough, Topps upped the ante by offering an astonishing array of 1/1 cut signatures that would make the Hall Of Fame proud.  Included in the checklist are hobby favorites like George Halas, Red Grange, Otto Graham, Lou Creekmur (ok, Lou isn’t exactly on the top of most people’s lists, but he worked with my father and to this day is still the only person to beat my pops in arm wrestling), Lou Groza, “Night Train” Lane, “Bulldog” Turner and many more.  Seriously, when Topps adds these monsters to an already popular product, it’s like trying to convince Joey Chestnut that he needs to eat some more hot dogs on the 4th of July.

Lurking out there so2012 Topps Supreme Football book cardmewhere and limited to just 5 copies are the 8 player rookie autographed booklet cards.  I personally double dog dare you to pull one of these gems and NOT yell “MOJO!”  Check out these combinations – SEA-1 Brian Quick, Doug Martin, Isaiah Pead, David Wilson, Lamar Miller, Ronnie Hillman, LaMichael James and Robert Turbin.  SEA-2 Kendall Wright, Justin Blackmon, Brian Quick, Michael Floyd, Stephen Hill, Josh Gordon, Alshon Jeffery and Rueben Randle.

SEA-3 Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd and Kendall Wright.

Of course there are going to be dual jumbo patch autographed rookie booklets numbered to 5 and please don’t be too surprised when I share that Mr. Luck and Mr. Griffin just happen to be one of the possible pairs.

I am expecting my three cases to have the shelf-life of an energy drink at a week-long Magic The Gathering tournament and should the folks in charge of licensing at the NFL find it within their hearts to let the companies add to the few remaining 2012 products in the on-deck circle, it would not bother me in the least.

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