What’s Hot in the Shop: Products with Puig

With Mike Fruitman of Mike’s Stadium Sportscards off to the NBA Finals this week (hey, who’s manning the store anyway?), we’re on our own for ‘What’s Hot in the Shop’ this week.  From our internet travels, it’s a mixed bag of products at the top of the sales lists but one player in particular is pushing sales.

9007 Puig STERLING ShowcaseThe arrival of Yasiel Puig came a little too quickly for manufacturers—except Leaf.  Puig is available in four different Leaf products and both the boxes and singles have been 2013 Bowman boxflying over the last ten days since the Cuban star exploded onto the scene.  2013 Bowman Baseball is the only MLB-licensed product to feature Puig and that’s in the form of a rookie redemption card.  Overall, Bowman remains a hot seller as new players begin to make a splash.

“Most Bowman products tend to go the fastest, and rise in price per box the fastest,” said Jeremy Boynton, a collector posting on the Sports Collectors Daily Facebook page.  “I bought a jumbo box the first week of release for 130. Now it sells from 155 to 175. Most Bowman products(at least the last 4 years), increase in value up to 40%. Not many card investments don’t have that kind of return.”

Look out for 2012 Inception Baseball to get hot if Puig stays hot.  It’s due out at the beginning of next month.

Archives Baseball Topps 2013Collectors who don’t necessarily chase rookie cards, but are baseball-loyal have been gravitating toward 2013 Topps Archives Baseball, which was released not long ago.  It’s a mid-level product that delivers a couple of autographs per box and plenty of nostalgia.  Archives Football has sold well in some places as well.

2013 Score Football drew a lot of early interest and while the general agreement is that it’s cooled some, it still sells well among those who prefer pigskin.  Revamping this product seems to have been a good move for Panini.

2012 football products have had an amazing carryover with some shop owners still reporting strong sales of the products that dealers have managed to acquire thanks to the rookie class that featured Andrew Luck, RG III, Russell Wilson and others who made an immediate impact.