What’s Hot in the Shop: In Spite of NHL Lockout, Dominion Still Dominates

 by Mike Fruitman

If there is one word I would choose to define hockey collectors, it would be “loyal”.  In my store at least, puckheads help me sell as much NHL product as I move of MLB releases.   With that understanding, I was not surprised to see a massive response when 2011/12 Panini Dominion arrived last week.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins auto DominionReturning for its second year after an impressive rookie campaign, Dominion had almost as many high-end shredders looking for it as the reigning Stanley Cup Champion of cards – The Cup from Upper Deck, which hit in the weeks before.  Pushing between $350 and $400 a pack, Dominion boxes offer three autographed cards and gives busters with exceptional credit ratings three additional swatch cards including some of the most stellar hockey related relics possible.

Looking at the product, it appears that Panini listened to collectors and fixed the biggest issue that plagued 10/11 Panini Dominion.  Last year rookie autographed patch cards were randomly inserted.  This left many breakers feeling like they had been taken into the boards. Fortunately, each single pack box now offers “At least one on-card autographed Rookie Patch numbered to 199 or less”.

This sweet looking Ryan Nugent-Hopkins three-color patch rookie card is limited to just 99 made, features an on card autograph and might just justify the $2199.99 the seller is hoping for.

Gordie Howe stick name cardCare for a stick card that features a player’s name from said stick?  Check!

Are signed 1/1 NHL shield logos important to you?  No problem!

Would having button from your favorite player’s fight strap improve your collection?  Oh heck yeah!

Is it even possible to find a TWELVE PLAYER 1/1 patch card?  I do believe it is!

Is a redemption card good for some tosses at a dunk tank with Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHL Players Association lead Donald Fehr something you would like?  Wait!  It’s not in there L ?  Man that stinks, but it certainly seems that just about everything else that loyal NHL fans would like on their cardboard is possible to pull from Panini Dominion.

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