What’s Hot in the Shop: Football, Hoops

by Keith Neuhart

Football continues to be super hot in Ohio.  Limited Football came out last week, and we saw some huge hits.  This is always a great product and it compares to SP Authentic when it comes to popularity.

The next couple weeks will be very busy with a ton of new card issues coming out.  Topps Baseball, Topps Precision Football, SP Authentic Football, and Contenders Football are all due out soon.

Basketball is also starting to heat up.  With very little new product due out anytime soon, collectors have been lining up to buy autographs, jerseys, and patch cards of the usual suspects such as Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and Dwight Howard.  It seems as though we sell out of these autographs as soon as we get them in.

Collectors are starved for Kyrie Irving cards all over the country, but especially here in Ohio where the Cavs rookie is lighting it up, and seems to be ready to take over a spot as one of the hot cards of 2012.  The lockout delayed the release of the year’s first basketball cards, but they’ll be here soon and we expect they’ll move quickly.

Keith Neuhart of Neuhart Cards in Delaware, Ohio will be posting a short piece every week, helping us take the pulse of the hobby.  He’ll tell us  what’s hot and what’s heating up in the retail world of sports cards and sports memorabilia.  Keith traded in his stockbroker uniform after 16 years to follow his dream and open a sports card shop about a year ago.  He’s sold on eBay since shortly after the site launched in the 1990s.  You can reach Keith through his website, NeuhartCards.com.