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What Will Become of NFL Game-Worn Jerseys

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Over the last several years, several NFL teams forged deals with JO Sports to market their game-used jerseys and other equipment.   It was quite a coup for the upstart company.  It also offered collectors an unprecedented opportunity to buy a wide variety of NFL goods–stars and average players– outright.  Prices ranged from a few hundred dollars to thousands.  The company even sold Brett Favre’s last NFL helmet.  While it’s uncertain whether that opprotunity will continue in 2012, it appears unlikely.

Company president Jarrod Oldridge has pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges in connection with an older case of altered jerseys that were sold.

On Wednesday, the Chicago Tribune reported that the Bears have severed ties with the Las Vegas-based sports memorabilia dealer but what will become of the team’s jerseys isn’t certain.


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    What Will Become of NFL Game-Worn Jerseys

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    What Will Become of NFL Game-Worn Jerseys