What the Buyer of the $21,000 Jeremy Lin Rookie Card Could Have Bought

Some people are still believers.  Jeremy Lin’s game-worn Erie BayHawks NBA-D League jersey sold for $13,800 on eBay Saturday.  Bidding climbed from $7,500 with about an hour left in the auction to its final price.  Forty-two bids were place.

WWTT: What Would Ty Think?

That was nothing.

Someone took a fairly large gamble last week when they laid down over $21,000 for a 2010-11 Jeremy Lin two-color patch auto numbered to 25.  The seller in that deal made out quite well, turning a $1,000 investment into more than 20 times that in about two weeks.  The buyer?  He’d better hope Lin plays better than he did against Miami just before the All-Star break.

Buying a rookie card when a player is hot is always a bit of a risk.  Sometimes it works out OK; other times it’s a cold slap of reality.

There are safer items out there to buy if you have that much cash sitting around to invest in the sports memorabilia market.  In fact, we wrote a story for Bleacher Report that’s getting a lot of attention online.  We looked at some of the other cards that were available for purchase at the same time the Lin rookie card was sold–and for less money.  Talk about building a portfolio…

It’s a pretty interesting–and tempting–selection for those who prefer their cards more in the vintage mode.