What Do You Collect?

Last week, we asked followers of our Facebook page a simple question.  “What do you collect?”  We received a lot of feedback.  If anything, the answers tell us what we already suspected…this is a hobby with a lot of variety. It was quite a sampling of different tastes.

Here’s what some of you wrote…

Chris Widomski: Unopened Baseball Cello Packs from 1990 and back….I have ever Cal Ripken Jr. pack from 82-90…Over 175 other packs with stars showing on the front… Murray, Palmer, Orioles, Bonds, Rose, Clemebs, Ryan, Brett, and others.

Arnold Prichep: Yankees cards all years, from 1906 thru current. Small collections of old cards of other New York teams in all sports, Jewish atheletes, and pitchers who Mickey Mantle hit home runs off of.

Matthew D Struve: All Chicago sports memorabilia with primary focus on baseball & football. Started with cards, moved on to autographs (spent quite a bit of time at Chicago ballparks and hotels aquiring extensive collection). Have since started focusing on game used Cubs and Sox items from the 80’s (jerseys & bats) especially Bill Buckner, Jody Davis & Mark Grace.

Matt Orr:  Baseball Cards, high graded RC’s. Really just love cards. Something about it is still addictive after all of these years.

Adam J. Moraine:  Vintage baseball cards (T-206- 1970), HOF autographs (I have atleast one autograph of every current living HOF’er), vintage baseball memorabilia, (DIEHARD NY Yankees fan) autographs from all professional sports, current Hollywood celebrity autographs and historical autographs (mainly United States Presidents).

Richard L Samuels:  Phillies programs circa 1959-65

Kevin Oneill:  Anything I can.. Redskins, Nationals, Capitals Wizards.. Celtics from the 80s.. working on the 86-87 Fleer set..Golf cards, autographs.

Chad Dinovo:  Baseball prewar. Game used & Game used signed Baseball items. Baseball award winner items before the awards are announced. Better do your homework on the last one mentioned.

Jeffrey B. Flaherty:  Mostly focusing on basketball at this point. 2003 exquisite basketball anything, 03-04 ultimate and exquisite triple patches, goodwin masterpieces #/10, 97-98 spx grand finale, etc. I have too much stuff.

Michael Wright:  My collection is Busy! Steelers…and I work Chrome and Vintage Sets

Todd Tobias:  I collect autographed AFL football card sets from the 1960s. Also have a completely autographed run of Chargers team sets (1960-63 Fleer, 1961, 1964-2011 Topps).

Tom Sterk:  To me, building just a set of regular cards (i.e. no auto or jerseys associated as a number with the set (106-regular card, 107-jersey card), no inserts and no autos or jerseys). I enjoy pulling inserts and then posting them on eBay. It’s all fun to me.


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