WHA Card Set Raises $ for Hall of Fame

It’s where Wayne Gretzky got his start as a pro.  The World Hockey Association challenged the NHL in the 1970s and made some headlines along the way.

Gordie Howe played in the league, along with sons Mark and Marty.

Now, some 31 years after its demise, the WHA is remembered in a 10-card “Hall of Fame” set. The WHA Hall of Fame, an independent volunteer organization of hockey historians, journalists and former WHA coaches, players and management, is hoping to use proceeds to help with fundraising to create a home for permanent exhibits.

WHA cardsThe set includes the first-ever Mark and Marty Howe brothers card, the first-ever card for goalie Paul Hoganson and one featuring former Winnipeg stars Bobby Hull, Ulf Nilsson and Anders Hedberg.

The sets sell for $19.95.

Uncut sheets of nine player cards are limited to just 40 are $29.95.

The group is also selling a DVD with footage from the 1970s and other content.  All items and information about the Hall’s mission and the league itself are available on the WHA Hall of Fame website.