News & Notes: Secretarial & Sister Sigs, Mickey & Bryce, Cain & Cooperstown


Here’s an interesting note from back in the day.  Rich Binder, an autograph collecting columnist for The Trader Speaks, writes in the spring of 1983 about a brewing controversy over Hall of Famers who were having relatives or secretaries sign their mail:

“At one time, Joe DiMaggio’s sister, Marie, had signed for him but I believe because of the complaints Joe was receiving, a stop was put to that,” he writes.  “I had written a letter to Joe’s sister questioning whether she does sign anymore and she admitted having done so in the past but not anymore.  She says that Joe now signs the material sent. 

Now that DiMaggio is making appearances at shows and seeing how much his signature is worth it will be interesting to see how much is signed through the mail.

Ted Williams is another who has others do his signing.  Check your Williams signatures very carefully.  Ted’s secretary does a great deal of autographing, especially during the summer months when Ted is in Canada.  A donation to his favorite charity WILL NOT get you an authentic signature, but rather a signature of his secretary.”

Serious collectors and, we hope, all authenticators can tell the difference, but it’s not likely the public as a whole has any clue that a photo they may have sent away for a DiMaggio or Williams signature in the pre-card show days was probably never seen by him.


Would you take an autographed Mickey Mantle baseball and add Bryce Harper’s signature to it?

One big Harper fan decided to do it and he’s taking some heat for it. Here’s Jason Bristol of WHP-TV in Harrisburg:

Memorabilia from Matt Cain’s perfect game is on its way to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  His cap and cleats from the 22nd perfect game in Major League Baseball History.  Cain had been using both all season and since things have been going so well, he was a little reluctant to surrender them, but instead will keep his uniform and a dozen baseballs.

The pitching rubber and home plate are going on display at AT&T Park.

What did he do before that historic game?  Check out the video:

Former Major Leaguer Matt Stairs’ home in Bangor, ME was burglarized recently. Thieves got away with a couple of championship rings and more according to this story in the Bangor Daily News.