Must See: Washington Man is Walking Baseball Card

Need a T205 Cy Young?   Mike McWain of Pasco has one.  Some day, he’ll be buried with it.

He has to be.

It’s tattooed on his left arm.

Baseball tattoo-Cy YoungOn his right arm is a picture of Walter Johnson.  He’s also got an autographed photo of Lou Gehrig.

McWain doesn’t need a plastic display case for any of his…memorabilia.   The only way his items will ever be creased is if he needs stitches.

To pay homage to the game and its deceased Hall of Famers and landmarks, he’s worked with a tattoo artist to turn the upper half of his body into a sort of modern day field of dreams.

Yes, he’s got some real baseball cards but he’s more in tune with the ink artistry.  Weaving the old time images in with the pictures of his children, McWain has turned himself into a conversation piece.

Even if you’re one of those people who has absolutely no use for tattoos, you’ve got to admit it’s a pretty interesting look.

Check it the story–and don’t miss the video–on the Tri-City Herald’s website.