Wagner Card Drawing Attention as Alternative Investment

Wall Street doesn’t mess with sports memorabilia too much.  When it comes to money, though, the financial world is all ears.  After all, you need to be pretty rich to scoff at a little piece of cardboard that’s often sold for several hundred thousand or a couple of million dollars.  Going back to the 1970s, if not before, the T206 Honus Wagner card is sports collecting’s poster boy for investing relevance.

Dreier Collection T206 Wagner PSA 4Not until the last 20 years or so have the well to do seriously considered the Wagner as a really interesting piece.  If you’re a baseball fan with money, though, it’s hard to resist.

Trouble is, there aren’t that many that go on the open market every year.

That hasn’t been the case early in 2012. There’s a PSA 2 on eBay right now courtesy of Memory Lane that’s being offered only as a Buy it Now at $775,000  after residing in a prominent collection for years.

A PSA 4 Wagner made its way from the Dreier collection in California to Legendary Auctions where it was offered for private sale.  That’s unfortunate, because it could have been a headline maker.  According a story in 247WallStreet.com, that card may have just become the second highest priced Wagner card of all time.   Here’s what they’re saying about the hobby Holy Grail.



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