Vintage Sports Pennant Guide II Includes Photos, Values

They come in all shapes in sizes and have been around for more than a century.  Vintage sports pennants remain popular with collectors and now there’s an up-to-date price guide for collectors and dealers.  Mike Egner, an Idaho dealer who has been buying and selling all kinds of sports memorabilia since 1991, has released the second edition of his Vintage Pennant Price Guide.

White Sox Bazooka PennantThe paperback guide has expanded to 348 pages with over 2,200 pennants pictured.

“The first book was done in 2009. It was the the first pennant price book ever done. That one had roughly 1,200 pennants in it,” Egner told Sports Collectors Daily via e-mail.  “After it was finished collectors kept sending me pictures that were not included so I just started saving them for the second edition. I had also received permission to go back through old auction catalogs to get photos of other ones that were not included. Four years later with 1,000 more photos I thought it was time to do the second version. Even after being finished with it I still see vintage pennants coming up for sale that I have not seen before. I don’t think it is something that can truly ever be complete because of this.”

Price Guide Vintage Sports PennantsNevertheless, it’s a remarkable resource for identifying rare pennants, dating them and putting a value on them.

Team pennants are most prevalent when you see them at shows or online but there are also those that feature players, events and stadiums. A Jackie Robinson pennant?  You’ll see it in the book.  A Paul Hornung? Rare—and valued at $300-500.  Charlie Comiskey approved at least nine White Sox pennants that were produced during the Black Sox era.  All are worth well over $1,000 if they’re not falling apart.

“Aside from the addition of all the new pennants, I included many mini pennants this time that I did not in the first book,” Egner explained.  “Also there is a small section on 1916 BF2 pennants and 1936-38 BF3 mini pennants and a few Federal League ones.”

Egner says pricing pennants was the hardest part of putting the book together.  He used auction results and the input of five people who had extensive experience buying and selling them.  For the rarest pennants, he just had to offer an estimate.

Pennants may not be as popular as cards or other items, Egner says prices and interest remain strong among vintage sports collectors.

Ferguson Bakery Honus Wagner Pennant“I think the market is pretty good right now,” he stated. “There seems to be more and more people starting to collect these when they realize the beauty of them, especially the older ones. They are also being used as an inexpensive wall decoration as well.”

After looking at the printed version of the book, the only thing one wishes is that the hundreds of photos of these colorful old pennants were printed in color.  Egner says it simply was cost-prohibitive.

“With a self-publishing company the cost to have it done in color would be so expensive I think only the true diehard pennant collector would be interested. Having it in black and white allowed the cost to stay at a level that many more people might be interested in getting involved collecting.”’

Luckily, though, technology makes a color edition possible to look at on your smartphone, tablet or home computer.  For the e-book, Egner replaced every black and white picture with the color one.

“The file after converting to color was past the allowed limits of Amazon Kindle so I had to have it available on a different site,” he explained. “So far everybody that has downloaded it has been very happy with the color version.”

The printed edition is 19.99 + 4.00 shipping for a total of 23.99 and can be ordered via [email protected].  The color e-book can be downloaded for $13.99 but if you are willing to share on your Facebook page, Egner has dropped the cost to $10.99.

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