Vintage Sports Cards as an Investment

Putting vintage baseball cards in your portfolio might not be a bad way to go these days–and they’re a lot more fun to look at than a stock certificate.

The old advice to those who ask about buying cards as a potential investment is ‘buy what you like’. The unspoken second sentence would be something along the lines of "in case it tanks". But that’s seldom true, especially in some segments of the collectibles market.

With stocks taking a beating, diversification is key. There’s nothing that says including cards in that diversity is a bad thing to do–as long as you do some homework.

“Baseball cards can go through price fluctuations like anything else,” says Mastro Auctions’ Chris Porter. “Some values will hit a plateau, go flat, then spike up again. But star cards that have high professional grades have never had an extended period of loss of value.”

The Traverse City Business Journal looks at why the vintage sports card still has the respect of those who know a little something about finance.