Vintage Signed Baseball Collection Just Part of Ongoing Consignment Quest

Consignments are the lifeblood of every sports memorabilia auction company.  While some may see the colorful auction catalogs as the focus of business, the reality is that those catalogs don’t exist without a steady flow of phone calls and emails from those interested in liquidating their items.

For New Jersey-based Just Collect Inc, there are no catalogs.  There is, however, a massive presence on eBay.  It’s that worldwide visibility, constant turnover and ability to turn items over rapidly that attracts business.  You never know who’s on the other end of the line or what the next email might bring.  It’s exciting to get the call But actually securing those consignments is vitally important.

“Consignors find us in many ways,” said Just Collect’s Scott Greenwald.  ” We have a great reputation and a huge following on eBay.  Many of our consignors become familiar with our company by buying from us, and call us to consign when it is time to sell their collection. Other consignors begin their process by researching the closing prices of items from their collection on eBay and come across our closed listings.  They often call us after noting the high prices we realize and seeing our feedback.  In other cases, clients are referred by an existing client, by auction houses, or by dealers.”

1965 Orioles signed baseballNot long ago, another unique consignment rolled in.  Just as quickly, it will roll out.  A collection of over two dozen vintage, signed baseballs is one of the featured segments of Just Collect’s listings beginning this week.

” This collection was put together by a long time collector,” Greenwald said.  “After enjoying his collection for many years, our consignor passed away and his estate requested that Just Collect liquidate this portion of his collection.  The teams span 50 years, beginning with a minor league 1935 Buffalo Bison team signed baseball and 1937 Boston Bees (Braves) ball, a 1950 Indians, 1952 and 1953 Tigers balls, 1959 Yankees, 1971 Reds, and concluding with a 1983 NL All-Star team signed baseball and 1984 AL All-Star team signed baseball.  The collection is headlined by a 1972 Pirates team signed baseball with Roberto Clemente.”

Just Collect utilizes eBay’s versatile selling platform to showcase items specific items that need more than just a front and back photo.

“We take photographs of all six panels and lists as many players’ names in the description as possible,” Greenwald explained.  “While some of our competitors only use two photos and list the two or three most desirable signatures, we go the extra mile to maximize prices for our consignors.”

The list of signed balls can be found here.