Vintage Photo of the Day: Satchel Paige 1951

The prime of Satchel Paige’s career was spent in the Negro Leagues and it was because of his dominance there that he eventually earned induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame, but he got a taste of the majors once baseball slowly warmed to integration.

Our Vintage Photo of the Day shows Paige, who had turned 45 just two weeks earlier, walking off the mound toward the dugout after pitching against the New York Yankees in 1951.

1951 photo Satchel Paige St. Louis Browns

The photo is among dozens of vintage sports and historic news photos being sold through RMY Auctions this month.

Taken July 22, just four days after Paige made his first appearance for the Browns, the 7×9” news photo shows him looking dejected after surrendering eight hits and eight runs in the sixth inning of the first game of a doubleheader.

Paige had made his return to the big leagues after owner Bill Veeck signed him to a contract immediately upon buying the team that summer.  He would pitch for the Browns until the age of 47 and appear in two All-Star games.

The photo shows little wear and carries a complete caption, photo credit and date on the back.

The auction concludes January 14 via RMY Auctions.