Vintage Pack Break of the Week: Back to the Well for 1980-81 Topps

There’s a new book out about the Showtime Lakers of the 1980’s that’s getting rave reviews.  Of course, the catalyst of the team’s rise to prominence was when they drafted Magic Johnson out of Michigan State in 1980.  While Magic essentially got Paul Westhead fired, according to the book, the 1980-81 Topps packmove brought Pat Riley to the forefront and the rest is history.

On the other coast, a similar revival was underway in Boston where Larry Bird would play a huge role in the Celtics’ success and his rivalry with Magic would continue for a decade.

Topps featured both in its brave new perforated basketball set in 1980-81, putting their rookie cards on the same panel with Julius Erving.

However, the two also had Leader and All-Star cards in the set so even if you don’t pull the big one, you’ve still got a chance to get a (sort of) rookie card.

Our Vintage Pack Break of the Week is the third installment of the 1980-81 Topps basketball rip. These packs carry eight cards plus an insert team poster for a price of $50-75. Just Collect opened one in July that yielded a Bird Rebounding Leaders card, then followed it up with a Magic All-Star card in January.  Not bad at all…and there are other stars in this set too.

Would the third time be the charm?  Watch the video below.

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