Vintage Pack Break of the Week: 1983 Topps ‘Michigan Test’ Packs

It’s sort of a Back to the Future moment when collectors come across the 1983 Topps Michigan test wrap packs.  Years before Upper Deck changed 1983 Topps Michigan test packthe way baseball cards were packaged, Topps produced some boxes of its baseball issue using a Mylar-type wrap with two tamper-resistant crimped ends.  It may have looked odd at the time but eventually, it became the norm.

While branded by dealers of the day as “Michigan test packs”, it seems as if their distribution may have spread beyond the border of the state.  The packs aren’t especially rare and there’s nothing different about what’s inside (15 cards).  However, collectors do like the idea that without a wax seal against the product, there are no damaged cards inside, meaning 36 more chances for a Boggs, Sandberg or Gwynn rookie or Hall of Famer.

The 1983 Topps set dates to the heat of the card maker wars between Topps, Fleer and Donruss.  In addition to having a bumper crop of rookies, the set boasts the second year card of Cal Ripken and final issues for Johnny Bench and Carl Yastrzemski.

Our Vintage Pack Break of the Week from Just Collect means there is actual ripping thanks to a one-time experiment that was still years away from the norm.  Watch the break below.  If the video player isn’t visible, click here.

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