Vintage Pack Break of the Week: 1977 Topps Baseball Wax

As spring training opened 37 years ago, the world of baseball cards was pretty much as it had always been.  Collectors awaited the 1977 Topps Baseball wax packs and another 660-card set was there to be pieced together.  There would be no super premium issues.  No autographs in the packs (unless you count the facsimile sig on the front) and no relic cards.  Once you had a set, you chased down cards from years gone by and waited for the Hostess and Kelloggs cards.  That’s how the year went.

1977 Topps baseball packOur Vintage Pack Break of the Week takes us back to ’77, when Jimmy Carter was a newly-elected president, disco was hot and New York was about to get a taste of Mr. October.

Unopened 1977 Topps baseball card caseThere are a few solid rookie cards in the 1977 Topps baseball set:  Andre Dawson, Bruce Sutter, Dale Murphy, Mark Fidrych and a few others had their debuts that season.  A few young stars began to make a big splash too.

There were ten cards per wax pack for a price of 15 cents.  Cello and rack packs promised more cards for a higher price point and yes, there was always a stick of gum.

Online, graded ’77 packs run about $60-80 each.

There was a card face up against the wax seal, but fear not…mom’s nylon stocking rubbed across the face would take that waxy film right off…and that’s handy knowledge to have when you have a pack break like this:

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